One day well played


8:42 am, 1 hr 20 min 41 secs video chat “You’re awake. Wow. Whatcha doing?” daughter

One me holding phone while moving say. “Washing my feather I found in the street a few days ago.”  Daughter says smiling inside, “Only you would be washing a feather”

20 Condé Nast Traveler Best Cities in the world has the audacity to list Puerto Rico International and not US. This is the big story mother and daughter share for the day along with these tidbits:

  • Four branches of armed services
  • Four small homemade crepes with whip cream gone, not in my belly ;(
  • Three friends going, wishing for one~~~Jill should join us in Ireland
  • Two painful pitting shins
  • One almost whole person~hyperbole and a half
  • Zero minutes till practical
  • Any lingerie?

Ten minutes till meeting a friend twenty minutes away

One Text sent “Oh shit. Im going to be late. Looked up at clock and 10 min till noon. I am leaving house now”
Two hour at favorite Naples lunch spot, Organically Twisted. Owner cooks and serves   your food with a light hearted smile. Love food is what will heal the world
Four bombs sent to Soro’s, Obama, Clinton, Brennan c/o CNN. Crazy Mad Nationalist times
More love food needed

5:30pm sunset bike ride time

  • One fluffed-up shook-out feather headed Red Heron,  putting on a show once he saw me staring
  • Two abandoned gulf balls
  • One flighty cardinal
  • Thousands coexist with squawking, chirping, grunting in the Bird Swamp as I watch it turn from blues and greens to crimson and gold

Zero productivity in society standards, I am completely satisfied

One day well played

To all that want to fill my days

“I am not looking for something to do”


One Seven Foot alligator


8:40 am ringing alarm..stop..reset..8:50 alarm

Ten more minutes pulls me out of Delta sleep

One grand niece to Child sit, not BABY as she corrected.
Three hours perfecting my halloween laugh and marching squeaky rats up staircases while YouTube plays ‘The Ants go Marching One By One’

11 am speaker phone call from Oregon
Four voices, Two hoping I will rescue them from insomnia’s curse

Nine requested text full of herbal sleep data

Lost numbers of time
One geared up, (oops missed the daylight again), now sunset bike ride,

1  backpack

1 headphones

1 tea in BMW coffee mug

1 Writing pad

1 pool fab

1 phone battery

1 long sleeve cotton shirt…incase

1 bathing suit in plastic bag…incase

1 papaya seed scrapes for animals

1 credit card…incase

Eighteen duck waiting for me to go back to house to get my forgotten phone and take their pic

One brave wading heron, really wishing I would not get closer for his photo op

Thousands, no really…THOUSANDS of migratory white egrets or herons, who knows, in the swampy preserve beyond the sign that hangs on the fence that reads, NO TRESPASSING THE   QUARRY COMMUNITY

One bike resting on gulf cart path ready for mad get away if an alligator attacks while I’m  video-ing shit

Four annoyed golfers watching me as I ride my bike past their gulf swings, “I know, I know, it is their gulf cart path”

Zero bunnies or giant toads while the full moon lights the darkness

One Seven Foot alligator resting on the bank of the lake, or is that a palm frond?, as I ride my bike past it. I backtrack to video it
Fifty ft away, alligator picks up my scent, looks my direction and dives into the lake
One giant bird scarring the shit out of me when it darts out of the dark swamp

A million sounds coming from the swamp, urging me to get off my bike and push voice record on my phone while scanning the grounds
One half wit pushing voice record on her phone



One sunset bike ride


One Southwest Florida gated community

One sunset bike ride

One improperly used (by me) lakeside gulf cart trail

Four distant grazing deer

Seven various locations of bounding bunnies

Five very large Cane Toads I make sure I don’t squish because YUCK

Two screeching Sandpipers, I think?

One Little Blue Heron

Three Great Blue Heron I can’t take my eyes off of

One Sandhill Crane

Eight Tennis players

One dog walker who actually spoke as I was riding slowly past her watching the full moon over the lake, “Isn’t this great weather?” as she smiled joyfully.


Bike shadows

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